Apa Ragbi boleh ajar Bolasepak


1)-DO accept a ref’s rulling quietly even if you tower over him, like Tonga’s Finau Maka.

-DON’Tgive the refree a verbal bashing like Chealse’s John Terry did to Graham Poll

2)-DO push the chest out with genuine pride in the jersey and belt out all the words to the national anthem, and dont be afraid to shed a tear or two of emotion even if your name is Lawrence Dallaglio, you are 5 feet and 4 inches and built like a proverbial outhouse.
Lawrence Dallaglio
   -DON’T bow your head and keep your mouth firmly shut and look so miserable you might be attending a funeral instead of preparing to play for your country with a rousing rendtion of God save the queen. Perhaps England footballers realized they would be lost for words at the last European Championship.
3)-DO give it your best shot even if it means shedding your blood for the cause like Andy Gomarsall.
   -DONT dive like a diva, like MU’s Cristiano Ronaldo often did earning top mark for artistry.
4)-And definitely NEVER EVER DO like a dying Dida, when the AC Milan goalkeeper brought shame to his  profession by felgning injury in the match against Celtic.
P//S: -Aku jumpa benda ni dalam gambar FB, dan aku remake sebab dalam gamba itu kecik sangat.
        -Semua ini fakta tau, bukan sebab nak mengagungkan ragbi tapi untuk ambil pengajaran dan contoh.
        -Siapa yang tak faham boleh la menggunakan bantuan abang google ek.^^V.
aim high tackle low,,,

4 comments on “Apa Ragbi boleh ajar Bolasepak

  1. fernando toress xde..tu pkawa saya

  2. @cik wanie Lovela (CWL): Haha.. ade jugak.. ce nasihat sket die.. ^^

  3. Salam Inchik Scrumhalf…

    Haha!~ Bijak2… Lepas ni boleh buat perbandingan lain pulak… (^_____^)V

  4. @SiS NaD:haha.. InsyaAllah.. ^^

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